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FOTO was a website featuring visual stories by photographers from Getty Images and its image partners. Unfortunately, the platform no longer exists. Please download the PDFs to read the stories and see the photo edits.


In Vietnam, Dirt Bike Racing is the New Cool

Young Vietnamese express independence and embrace new identities through the booming subculture of off-road racing.


In This Drug War, the Killings Happen at Night

Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte’s violent crusade against drug users and dealers, seen through a local photographer’s lens.

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India’s Rising Female Athletes

Women and girls from a deeply patriarchal Indian state are playing sports, winning international prizes — and crushing stereotypes.


In the Hands of Children

After fleeing persecution in Myanmar, nearly a million Rohingya are refugees in Bangladesh, where children turn broken, everyday objects into toys.

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Redefining Womanhood in Saudi Arabia

The ultra-conservative country is slowly embracing women's equality, starting with lifting the ban on driving.


Ivy League Uprising: Remembering Columbia ‘68

How rage over civil-rights setbacks and the Vietnam War exploded into bloody chaos between students and cops.

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Behind the Bullets

Gun violence in Chicago kills hundreds every year. One photographer found a way to remember the victims.

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MLK’s Final Vision: The Poor People’s Campaign

The protest King was planning before his death was the original Occupy Wall Street.


Inside China’s Booming War Film Industry

An intensely patriotic movie genre focuses on an especially brutal (and, in the West, largely forgotten) war between China and Japan.

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This World Cup, Iranian Women Made History

For the first time since 1979, they were allowed to watch soccer in a stadium.